Boots to Business - Solving Sales Hiring Challenges by Transitioning Military Veterans into B2B Reps

I wanted to share the transcript of a recent conversation I had with Scott Kitun, the host of WGN's PodCast Technori Show.

During our conversation we discuss two seemingly unrelated and yet potentially symbiotic challenges. The challenge with finding and developing a year-round pipeline of quality sales candidates and the influx of military veterans into the civilian community without the prospect of a job.

As a 20-year veteran of sales leadership and a six year veteran of the US Marine Corps, I know well the challenges of both worlds, and it took me years to learn how to replicate the success I found into a formula that can work for your company too.

Hope you find this entertaining, and most of all, useful and practical as you build and develop your sales team.

What follows is an excerpt from our conversation. You can find the entire podcast episode here.

Scott Kitun:

Finding great sales talent is notoriously tough. Interviews are a poor predictor of future performance, and without the proper on-the-job support and training, even a seasoned sales pro can flounder in a new environment.